Project PJ 18/1800

Project PJ 18/1800
Project PJ 18/1800
Project PJ 18/1800
Project PJ 18/1800
  • Project PJ 18/1800
  • Project PJ 18/1800
  • Project PJ 18/1800
  • Project PJ 18/1800

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Tytuł : Project PJ 18/1800
Stan : Nowy wadliwy
Komentarze :

N° 1 drilling rig, make Project model PJ 18/1800 installed on 2 axles truck 4x4
Drilling rig year of manufacture: 2017 - Showroom machine
Truck year of manufacture: 1993

Chassis with 4 indipendently controlled outriggers in order to level the rig on working area
Deck engine make IVECO-CNH, model NEF 67, 6 cylinders, turbo charged, water cooled, power 175 hp with mechanical governor
Pump mover
Hydraulic pumps of primary italian/international companies - piston type for main functions and gear type (iron cast-high pressure) for services
Hydraulic oil tank largely dimensioned (approx 1000 lt oil into the circuit)
High efficiency oil cooling system with hydraulically actuated fan
mast with stroke 4000 mm for rods 3000 mm long
max pull back force: 18 tons
Counter-mast to regulate mast vertical position with stroke 800 mm
Rotary head with max torque 1800 kgm; 2 speeds; floating spindle with inner passage 55 mm. Air/water/mud swivel with passage 60 mm
Double clamp with max passage 420 mm - effective 410 mm
Hydraulic winch with max pull line 4600 kg@ 1st layer
Mast extension to manage 6 mt long tubing
Crown block with 1+ 2 sheaves (in order to obtain with a mobile block a max lifting capacity of 18,5 tons)
Foam/clear water/high pressure pump: max delivery 30 lt/min, pressure up to 150 bar
Duplex piston mud pump: max delivery 1200 lt7min, pressure up to 20 bar
Washing gun to be used together with high pressure pump
Drilling control panel side mounted with directional control valves, pressure control valves, pressure gauges, engine controls.
N° 3 emergency stops

Operative capacity: drilling diameters
Starting diameter 16'' (406 mm)
Max drilling depth: appprox 400 m with 12''1/4
It can drill both using DTH hammer and direct circulation with mud

1 year warranty on defects/1000 running hours

Show-room drilling rig
Very interesting price

Włochy, Emilia-Romagna (PR)
                                        PROJECT SRL


Firma Handlowo-Usługowa

Włochy, Emilia-Romagna (PR)

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